Catalogue Norseco 2019

SEEDS 2019-2020


Vegetable Production CATALOGUE – 2019

COMPLEMENT to Organic Vegetable – NOVELTIES 2019

Vegetable Growers

Abbreviated production guide of herbs in mineral media for an end of May sale in 10 cm pots (4 inches).

Bicolore sweet corn Sweetness

Calculation of the number of seeds required for vegetable transplants.

Certificate of non-transgenic seeds – GMO 2019-20


Certificate of good agricultural practices (GAP)

Certificate of Organic Conformity

Easyleaf lettuces


Focusing on your onions!

Germplus/OnTop Encrustment Demonstration

Important changes of onion plant behaviours on its way from seed to maturity.

Planting guidelines

Seminis- Agronomic Spotlights

Seminis-  Northeast U.S. and Southeast Canada Onion Portfolio

Seminis- Tomato disease Filed guide

Seminis- Root and stem diseases of onion

Ornamental and young plants


Digiplexis (California 2013)


Wave® series

Our supplier’s catalogues

Benary – Calalogue 2020
Danziger – Annuals catalog North America 2019-2020 (online)
Darwin – Bare Root Perennials catalogue 2020

Déco Style – Nouveautés : Sélection 2019-2020
Dümmen Orange – Bedding plants 2019-2020
Elsner Pac– North American product guide 2019-2020
Proven Winners – Spring 2020 preview
Sakata – New variety 2019-2020
Sakata – Catalogue 2018-2019
Serres Lavoie – Les Charnues 2019
Suntory Flowers – Catalogue 2019
Syngenta Flowers – Annual vegetative 2020
Takii seed – Flower catalogue 2018-2020
Westhoff – Catalogue 2019-2020

Sales Conditions

Seeds and inert products – Ornamental and edible plant seeds (vegetables, herbs, sprouts, microgreens, etc.). Inert products (tags and accessories).
Vegetative plants – Plants (unrotted cuttings, rotted cuttings, bare roots, [perennials], bulbs and plugs).