Sales Conditions

Printable version – Seeds and inert products – Ornamental and edible plant seeds (vegetables, herbs, sprouts, microgreens, etc.). Inert products (tags and accessories).
Printable version – Vegetative plants – Plants (unrotted cuttings, rotted cuttings, bare roots, [perennials], bulbs and plugs).


We do our utmost to provide you with the lowest possible prices. However, certain situations beyond our control can cause price changes during the year.

If a printing error occurs, we reserve the right to correct the prices.

Applicable taxes

Taxes are applicable on all products found in the NORSECO catalogue based on the following rates.

Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) – 5 %
Provincial Sales Tax (PST) – 9,975 %

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) – 13 %

British Columbia
Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) – 12 %

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) – 15 %

Other provinces are subject to the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) – 5 %

Commercial format of vegetable seeds are free of taxes as per below quantities.

  • Peas, bean and corn – more than 5 K or, more than 25,000 seeds.
  • Others – more than 125 g or, 2,500 seeds.

Incomplete orders

«Back orders»

Seeds and tags

In the situation of a product not received or unavailable, the «back order» product(s) will clearly be identified on the order form. We will resend the missing product(s) as soon as possible.

Young plants and annual flower plugs, perennial flower plugs and herbs

Any «back order» product(s) on orders of young plants, annual flower plugs, perennial flower plugs and herbs will automatically be cancelled.

Crop failure or shortage

In the case of crop failure or shortage, we will replace the variety with one of equal or greater performance. If you do not accept substitutes, clearly indicate it on the order form.

Order confirmation

For each order, a written confirmation will be sent to you, by mail, within two (2) weeks. If you do not receive this confirmation, or if you notice an error, advise our office as soon as possible so that the situation may be corrected.

Payment methods

We accept cash payments, cheques, Visa and Master Card credit cards. It is also possible for you to benefit of an «open account» to buy on credit. For more information, contact your sales representative.Any cutting or plug orders must be paid at least 8 weeks prior to delivery, if the customer does not have an account with us.

Interest on past du accounts

A monthly interest of 2 % is payable on all unpaid amounts after the payment date.