Terms of payment

Seeds and miscellaneous products – 1%, 15th of the following month

All your purchases for the month will benefit a 1% discount if they are paid before the 15th of the following month. Otherwise, the payment is due and payable Net 60 days, from the date of invoice.

Young plants and plugs – Net 30 days.

Refund policy

Seeds and miscellaneous products

A refund or a credit note will be issued on returned merchandise with proof of purchase, within ten (10) days of the purchase. No refund or credit will be granted after a period of 10 days. Unless exceptional circumstances, a handling charge of 15% of the value of the purchase will be requested. Seeds must be returned to us in the original container, tightly closed with the order form or the invoice. Transportation costs for returning merchandise are the customer’s responsibility.

Because of short life expectancy on special seeds and primed seeds, orders are non-returnable for credit.

Young plants and plugs

Young plants and plugs are shipped in good condition by a heated transporter. Upon reception, it is of your responsibility to open the shipped box(es) and to check for any damage (frost or rot).

If a problem arises, you must indicate, on the bill of shipping, taking the driver as witness, that «X boxes were damaged» or« X boxes are frozen» and then sign. If you sign the shipping bill without any special mention, you then recognize that the merchandise was delivered in good condition. In such a situation, contact our office as soon as possible after the reception and send us a copy of the shipping bill. If you desire, we will do everything possible to replace the damaged goods and will take all necessary measures so that your shipping costs be reimbursed by the carrier.

Our warranty


NORSECO guarantees that the sold seeds are in accordance with all applicable provincial and federal laws.

NORSECO makes no warranties, representations or conditions, explicit or implicit, of any kind, on the seed, the subsequent crop or on the absence of disease.

If a human error occurred during packaging of the seed, NORSECO will be responsible for the invoiced or paid amount of the buyer’s seed purchase. As a condition of admitted responsibility, NORSECO must receive, by registered mail, the claim that the seed is faulty, thirty (30) days after the discovery of this defectiveness. By accepting the seed, the buyer acknowledges that the limited warranty described above is an agreement of sale between NORSECO and the buyer.

If this limited guarantee is not acceptable for the buyer as a condition of sale, the buyer must not proceed with the sowing and must return the seed, in its original, unopened packaging for the purchase price to be reimbursed to the buyer.

Young plants and plugs

We want to assure you that we have the best customer service. If you ever are displeased with the young plants or plants that you received from us, (stunted growth, insects, and diseases) do not hesitate to contact NORSECO within two (2) days following delivery at 1-800-561-9693 and we will authorize the return or exchange of the product. You must keep the products in their original packaging. No credit will be authorized if the complaint is received more than 48 hours following the delivery or, if the product has been transplanted.

NORSECO and the disseminator are not responsible of any diseases that may appear, at the grower’s premises during the production cycle. Inspect your plants upon reception of your order, and contact us immediately if you find any abnormality.

For all products sold by NORSECO, the buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be the reimbursement of the price of his purchase. Under no circumstance will NORSECO be liable for the loss of product, of profit or any special, incidental or consequential damage.