Founded in 1928 in Montreal, initially under the name W.H. Perron & Co. Ltd, NORSECO is now one of the most important vegetable and flower seeds, young plants and plugs distributors in Canada.

Thanks to its team of experts in vegetable and ornamental horticulture and its modern and efficient infrastructure, NORSECO is able to commercialize top quality and innovative vegetable and flower varieties well adapted to local growing conditions. NORSECO’s strategy for pursuing excellence and leadership is by continuously realizing new commercial agreements with vegetable and ornamental plant breeders and horticultural companies around the world.

The Commercial division of NORSECO serves a clientele of professionals from across Canada through its representatives and commercial catalogues. The Mail Order division responds to home gardeners with two (2), very popular, Mail Order catalogues, W.H. Perron for the Francophone market and Dominion Seed House, for the Anglophone market.

From W.H. Perron & Co. Ltd to NORSECO

1928 – 1930
W.H. Perron & Co. Ltd. is founded by Wilfrid-Henri Perron in 1928. The first store is located in downtown Montreal and specializes in the sale of seeds and garden accessories and serves amateur gardeners as well as professionals. In 1930, W.H. Perron’s first mail-order catalogue is published.

1954 – 1959
The steady expansion dictates a move from the Montreal store to 515 Curé-Labelle Boulevard in Laval. The purchase of land in Boisbriand, in 1959, allows for plant production and elaboration of experimental fields.

Wilfrid-Henri Perron retires to have his son, Henri Perron, take over the family business. The company confirms its continuing growth.

1987 – 1989
A group of employees and external investors acquire the shares held by the founding family. Their goal is to modernize the company for a rapid development of the business. 1989 will see the acquisition of Semences Laval Inc. and further on, integrating the company’s operations.

1990 – 1993
In 1990, another relocation in Laval to 2914 Curé-Labelle Boulevard, in a state-of-the-art facility, that meets the requirements of the seed industry.

The acquisition in Ontario of the firm Dominion Seed House Inc., the start of a geographical expansion outside of Quebec.

The garden centres and the W.H. Perron trade mark are sold to White Rose Crafts and Nursery Sales Ltd., an Ontario company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Adoption of the NORSECO, abbreviations for the words NORth SEed and COmpany, marking off its commercial division.

1995 – 2012
NORSECO continues its expansion to be one of the most important distributors of vegetable and flower seeds, of young flower plants and various horticultural products in Canada.

W.H. Perron trade mark is reinstated for the mail-order catalogue intended for the Francophone clientele, replacing the HortiClub trade mark.
Updating of the W.H.Perron, Dominion Seed House and Norseco web sites, to be more user-friendly and suited for “online” business.

Imprints an important year of transition for Norseco that now relies on the support of new business partners. Mr. Christian Chartrand is appointed General Manager. Norseco remains independent and maintains its distribution, suppliers and sales network operations. New young and dynamic leaders seeking to serve you better.

The first catalogue completely dedicated to organic and untreated seeds. A firm commitment to offer a new clientele the best quality of organic seeds suited to the reality of our agriculture.

Norseco celebrating 90 years!


March 2020 – Covid 19 (coronavirus).  The company’s activities continue, against all odds, and Norseco follows the special measures by imposing a slowdown in visitors, imposing sanitary measures and, when possible, granting teleworking to its employees.