Since 1928, our first duty has always been to establish a bond of trust with our customers.
You can browse through the entire version of our current catalogue and place your order online, in a secure environment.

YOUR security is our priority.
With this new way of serving you, full of promise but also with specific standards, our team of computer technicians has assured us that the information that is transmitted via the Internet will retain the same level of excellence as that of Dominion Seed House.
Our reputation is your guarantee.

My account / Catalogue Request / Order / Credit Card: Each step is encrypted (SSL 128 bytes) and is then sent, via our server, for automatic processing, therefore, there is no possibility of malicious interception.

The information does not stay on the server, so there is no list of names that might be consulted by someone via the Internet.
Your personal information (surname, name, address) is kept on a computer that has no links to the Internet, so there are no possibilities of corruption from the outside.
Your credit card information is kept only until confirmed by your bank. Once this is done, the numbers are erased from our system, sothere is no link with the other information kept about you.

Tests are done regularly to ensure that these standards are respected.
And, we are always looking out for any new techniques to increase our security, whenever possible.

For any request for information regarding the protection of your personal information, please contact, via email (see below), Mr. Benoit Plante, responsible for Law 25.

For more information, consult our personal information protection policy.

Our security is vital for our company.
YOUR security is vital for our company.