Before making your selection, be sure that the plants and bulbs that you are ordering can withstand the variations of climate and temperature of your region, i.e. they will perform well in your hardiness zone, as indicated by your average annual minimum temperature (see chart below).

How to find my hardiness zone

    Minimum temperature for hardiness zones

    Zone 1

    Below -45°C

    Zone 2

    -45°C à -39°C

    Zone 3

    -39°C à -35°C

    Zone 4

    -35°C à -29°C

    Zone 5

    -29°C à -23°C

    Zone 6

    -23°C à -18°C

    Zone 7

    -18°C à -12°C

    Zone 8

    -12 à -6°C

    Zone 9

    -6 à -1°C

    Our Guarantee will apply only if you order perennial plants or bulbs with a hardiness zone that is equal or inferior to yours.

    For example:
    – If you live in zone 3,
    – Order plants and bulbs with a hardiness zone of 1, 2 or 3.

    For more information about Hardiness zones:
    Consultez le site Web Agriculture et Agro-alimentaire Canada à la section Zones de rusticité des plantes au Canada