Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NO, but you can simply print out your internet order and send it to us, with your gift card, at: W.H.Perron 2914 Curé-Labelle blvd. Laval (Quebec) H7P 5R9

To purchase a W.H. Perron gift card, simply call our customer service at 1 800 723-9071 and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

No discount can be applicable on the purchase of a gift card.

For purchases over the phone: simply give our representative the 8 digit code number, found on the back of your card. She will validate your card and deduct the amount from the total of your purchase.

For purchases by mail: deduct the amount of your gift card, on the line intended at the bottom of the form (below the subtotal D), from the total of your purchase and return the gift card in the envelope with your purchase order

NO, You can use your gift card on all your purchases.

YES. You can use more than one gift card on your purchase.

General Conditions

 The gift card is valid on merchandise found in the W.H. Perron catalogue only.

 This card cannot be redeemed for cash.

 All gift card sales are final. No reimbursement or exchange is possible while purchasing a gift card.

 The value of this card is in Canadian dollars.

 The use of gift cards is subject to the general conditions found on the back of the card.

 The use of a gift card is considered a proof of your acceptance of the general conditions.